Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Break It Down.

Right now there really aren't adequate words to describe the enormity of this past weekend, so I'm going to have to write about this thing incrementally, as it comes to me.

I just came across this picture on my phone of these two stowaways, Thomas and his teddy bear, aka Teddybearydough, or TBD for short. Back in July I mentioned that Jay and I were going to take Cameron with us to New York for a special kindergarten trip, but the closer we got to our departure the more we couldn't bare the thought of not having Thomas along too. So some time in October we checked the flights, saw there was availability, and booked it.

The only requirement for Cameron and Thomas to come to New York was that they had to cheer during the race. Their typical race-day demeanor is pouty, grouchy, and lackluster, and to be fair it's typically early, cold, and/or raining. But they were up for it this time and they stuck to their word, waving signs and thwacking their accordion noisemakers out along the course all day...and in the hotel, and on the elevator, and on each other's heads, and on the subway, which, incidentally, was probably their favorite part about the whole trip. That and riding in a cab with no carseats. These boys-and one teddy bear-were living it up big city style!


deniseb said...

I started to give you a hard time yesterday about the fact that you had not written on your blog yet. It had been 3 days already - good grief!!! You can't run this week, you surely have time to write! Those of us who are excited about the play by play are READY!!!

Love ya!

satterly said...

i love it. i had no idea a threat loomed over them, but i saw them on viewing spot 2 and 3 and they were truly city slickin rock stars. i can't get over how my friends' kids' energy surpass me these days. i asked thomas and cameron if they were tired of walking and they emphatically said no. SO CUTE. also they said they love nyc which made my day, not knowing they were affirming my existence ;)..i could eat them up. you guys are awesome parents.

xoxox s

satterly said...

ps. i'm glad you didn't leave thomas at home. the middle kid needs to go on all the trips in my opinion!