Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Start Spreading the News.

I bought our plane tickets for New York last night! Three total-for Jay, Cameron, and me.

Then I promptly ate a whole box of ginger snaps.

Buying plane tickets is always stressful for me; I sat at the computer for an hour and a half, agonizing over this arrival time and that departure time, this seat or that seat. Even though we used miles and Team in Training will reimburse my ticket (assuming I meet my minimum, that is), I'm always worried I've got the date wrong, or something will come up, or it's just so darn expensive to travel, blah blah blah.

When Jay went to get ready for bed, I was ready to pull the trigger, having discussed all possible options with him. When he came back out a few minutes later and the scre
en was still on the "Purchase Now" option, I knew it was time.

So I'm committed to going to New York for the weekend of November 5-9. Jay and I are taking Cameron for a special kindergarten adventure, and Jay's sister Elizabeth has very graciously offered to keep Thomas and Patrick. She's a brave woman.

Also due tomorrow are my Re-Commitment forms for Team in Training, which means I'll also be running a marathon during the above weekend in New York.

Committing to plane tickets and recommitting to TNT, as it were, is reminiscent of going to college. Telling people, "Yes, I'm going to Chapel Hill in the fall" is vastly different from actually going to Chapel Hill in the fall. The theoretical, the idea of college comes crashing down when your parents back the van up to Ehringhaus, move you into your unairconditioned room on the 6th floor that you're sharing with a girl you've never met, and then drive away, leaving you stranded-I mean standing-on the curb, wondering whether you should chase after them or whether you should head back up the 1970s urine-soaked elevator and make friends with your trumpet-playing potluck roommate.

But once I've committed, I'm in. After watching the last bit of Dad's van edge around the corner, I pulled myself together and got on that elevator up to the 6th floor (baseball side) met my roommate(who turned out to be great), and crammed a lifetime's worth of memories into my time at UNC. And I'm committed now, to running for a cure, to honoring those fighting cancer and those who've lost the fight, to making this training count for something more than just sore muscles.

Thanks for coming along with me and for helping me make it count.


Peggy said...

I think you are just simply AWESOME!!!!

akfreeland said...

Kelley! Kelley! Kelley!

tommyday said...

Nicely done. Your motivation is almost enough to motivate me.

laura C. said...

great now I am crying!!

Katie G. said...

Right here with you, babe! Well, with you minus the marathon part. I do admire your courage and your commitment. You rock.

joy said...

I'm in! Keep the motivation comming - I need it. Got anything on mental toughness? I could sure use a strategy to get my body to do what I have commited myself to here. Maybe I could download your blog on itunes and listen to it while I slog out a run tomorrow. I Love you - you are my running inspiration.

porter said...

Ehringhaus! I hope I will be here in NYC for your big day!

Whitney Evans said...

I am with Joy...I need some work on my mental toughness. it seems to be lacking in many ways. I am very excited for you and your race. I have always wanted to do the NYC marathon. Maybe next year for my 40th?? Anyway, keep up the blogging. I am enjoying reading your back posts (since I just saw your most recent on FB). I would also love to donate to you...could you email me on FB if you have a donation site or if you would rather me bring something by your house. Having run several races with TNT, I love the casue as well as understand the need for support. Good luck and keep on rockin'!