Friday, July 2, 2010

High Five.

The aforementioned non-running friend ran 5 miles this past week.

Though I don't think it was particularly transcendent for her, it was at the very least a huge accomplishment. Keeping in mind that it was 94 degrees and 100% humidity and running this past week was akin to trudging through a gelatinous force field caped in a hot, wet blanket, 5 miles is undoubtedly a big deal.

Marc Parent, author of the Newbie Chronicles published monthly in Runner's World, writes about the first time he ran five miles--I'd post a link but it was only published in April and thus not available. Of this experience, he writes
I had just run five miles, and five miles makes you different. I felt it immediately...At the shopping center, I seriously thought people might see it for themselves. I felt like a completely different person--different from anyone who hadn't run five--far more different than if I were wearing a bird suit and people would certainly notice and possibly comment on that. Maybe the checkout woman would finish my order and say, Total is $58.60 and--wait, did you just run five miles? Strangers in the parking lot would yell across the rows of cars, Yo-five mile...Yo--Hawaii 5-0...Yo--fivealicious.
Marc Parent recognizes that it's a Big Deal, and anyone who's ever run those fivealicious miles--or not!-- knows it is too, so I thought I'd send my friend a shout out. Even the Boss says "Tramps like us/ baby we were Born to Run(five miles!)" and who's going to refute him?


katie G. said...

Awesome!! So glad you're back!

tommyday said...

If you think five is liscious wait till you get to experience the pure ectasy of 10 in said heat. I'll save you the trouble and suspense-it's a real treat!