Thursday, November 4, 2010

"I hope I don't screw this thing up."

A day before her marathon, Madeleine texted the title of this post to Jay. At the time I thought it was really funny.

Now I totally get it.

Though I've obviously invited all of you into the past 5 months of my life, right about now I'm kind of wishing you'd all forget about me, temporarily at least, on Sunday. I've never really been one who's plagued with self-doubt or fear of failure, but whenever I'm on the verge of some great unknown I do tend to panic a little. Think wedding day. The birth of a first child. The first day of college. It's all just out there, and a little crazy, and a little exciting, so you just jump in with two feet and trust that who you are has prepared you enough for who you're about to become. Because let's face it...this experience has changed me, and will continue to do so. And I'll own it. You'll own some of it too.

I've been completely overwhelmed by your support throughout this whole process, and in the last few days in particular. The deluge of donations, posts, emails, handwritten letters, texts, calls, and tokens of good luck and affection have truly made me feel like a superstar, so thank you. Your support means so much.

Though I'll be on a bus to Staten Island by 6 am Sunday morning, I don't actually start until 10:10. So around then, I'll ask you to alternately think about me and forget about me. If you want to continue thinking about me, you know I could use the help. If not, that's fine too. Either way I'll be happy.

I've loved having you all on this journey. Now it's time for the celebration.

Let's do this.


Katie said...

Thanks for the tears at 7 am.!
Thanks, too, for inviting us on this journey with you. What an incredibly intimate gesture from your open and wonderful heart!
I'm sorry I can't agree to forget about you on Sunday, but I may go completely hoarse from cheering so maybe I will be quiet. Yeah, right. :) Love you!

Greg said...


Remember that light little jog we did through Central Park years ago. That is all this, you just have to run a bit farther to get to the park. You've got this. If you find yourself in a bad way or gutting it out, just think of that day, and I'll be there smiling and cheering you on!


None of us are going to be able to forget about you because we're all going to being going up to total strangers and telling them how we have a friend running in that race!

peggy said...

No matter the are a winner!!

Enjoy your moment!!

Hope you will keep your blog going........we have loved it.

Cris said...

You are my hero!! Love you, Cris

LBS said...

you are amazing! thanks for sharing it with us. xoxo satterly