Thursday, October 14, 2010


Tomorrow we're heading to this guy's wedding in Highlands. Several years ago during the above trip to the mountains our karaoke machine went kaput. When we called Wal-mart to check for availability, we were told that karaoke machines were a seasonal item and that they were, sadly, currently out of season. Who knew.

On Sunday, this guy is running the Bay State Marathon. You've read about him before and you know he's got chops. If you think of it, send some positive energy his way in Massachusetts on Sunday morning.
Also on Sunday Joy/the greatest sister-in-law on the planet is celebrating a very special birthday. We've celebrated once already but we'll do so again in a few weeks when our family gets together over Halloween for more marathoning/trick-or-treating/birthday fun. I could write about Joy all day long, and I will on another post...but for now I just wanted to say Happy Birthday to you, Joy!


joy said...

Thanks for the birthday shoutout. And by the way you are the most awesome sister in law in the world - its a documented fact! But maybe to boost your status to BSIL in the time you could photoshop the picture of me so i look fabulously svelt and fashionable (especially in my fragile state of FOURTY). I mean I know I was embracing my "Billy Jeanness" and Billy Jean was not really considered a hottie, but as I turn over to a new decade - I'd like to think of it as fourty and fabulous!

Kelley said...

It is forty and fabulous! You are forty and fabulous!